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walking in the rain~

I finished my exams last friday and have spent my time since; sleeping, baking and eating lots of cookies, watching concerts, cleaning half of my room and socializing a tiny bit ^^ so next week I'll finish cleaning the other side of my room, and ask around for jobs for the summer... although the area I live in is very small so the likelihood of finding anything is not in my favour -.-;
Summer here so far has been rainy...today I could even hear thunder, which I actually like the sound of ^^ but walking through heavy rain is not so fun, and I got so hot in my coat too x(
Other than that, (and feeling randomly sick for a while this afternoon?) my day has been pretty good ^^ Not because anything especially positive has happened (execpt my parcel FINALLY arriving...I swear the postman hates me something's wrong with the post this week) but the general atmosphere I guess?

So I had a productive day...

It's two of my friends' birthdays in the next week, so today I went to the next town to buy them presents ^^ (because it's bigger...) I managed to find something for both of them so I'm happy ^^ While I was there I went into the pet shop to see the cute little animals, and there was one of THE cutest bunnys I have ever seen in there~ *_* like no kidding, it was adorable... I almost bought it... it was white with little grey smudges all over and it was so small and just lying there all sleepy~ sooo cuute <3
....anyway, I went there in the afternoon since I only had one lesson in the morning... I also watched The Lion King with some friends before going x) it was a nice day today, and for once it wasn't raining...
The rabbit left such an impact on me I ended up drawing one on the card for my friend XD I took a picture of it too (the drawing, not the rabbit... I wish I had but the store people were hanging around -.-; ) ^//^

Great wonderments

...or no wonderments at all

I slept through about half of the day since it's the weekend, and I stayed up all night watching NEWS concerts at Ritochin's house and didn't get home until just after 6am... Wild night XD;;

Due to this I have been extremely lazy all day and had done nothing, so I decided to make some tags since I have quite a few entries now. I realised that I talk about food quite a lot O.o; I wont make a tag for that yet though ^^ it's mainly cake, but just a cake tag doesn't cover it enough... XD like it's even important haha >.<;

Anyway, It's mostly just things about myself, which is boring, so I was wondering what I could post about... I don't want to get too detailed in fandom related things, because it will turn into essays >.>; and there are forums for that anyways. I wonder if theres anything in particular people might want to read O.o..

I also played around with my account, and made 2 changes (because I'm incompetant with these things and was too scared to try anything more)

My godfather came back ^^ I got a T-shirt, it has I ♥ Budapest written on it in very large writing. And is about 4 sizes too big (I'm pretty small >//<)
I think I'll wear it to school xD

Little Smiles

I feel like most of what I post on here is made up of complaints, so I'm not going to do that today ^^ I'll make a list of things this week that made me smile or feel happy even if they are small and it was just for moment. And I'll use the pretty stars again ^^

☆ One of my friends at school made me a crossword puzzle x3 I like crosswords, it was a nice surprise and I had fun finding all the strange words he apparently associates with me.. O.o
☆ I was taken out for lunch by my Godfather ^^ it was nice, he's going away on holiday next week so I'll miss him while he's gone
☆ I phoned up a friend I havn't spoken to in a while, it's her turn to call me next xD
☆ I was given a shortbread type thing on wednesday that had loads of chocolate chips in it ^^ it was so nice~
☆ The Spring flowers in the cemetary are starting to blossom properly and it looks really pretty ^^
☆ I ate sushi yesterday. I love Mocchi o.o
☆ The conversation I just had with a friend about fishing; if you hook something else, then it's not really fishing.. 'cowing'..? but somehow that sounds so odd...
☆ My mummy said she would buy me some seaweed next time she goes shopping, because I like it x3
☆ I saw a funny looking tree

That's all for now ^^ there isn't anything spectacular but it's just been a normal week so what can you expect~

Leap like a Frog~

I'm using this rare once in every four years occasion to begin posting regular entries in my journel again~
writing down everything I've been doing will take too long, and let's face it, if anyone actually reads these, they won't really enjoy it ^^
maybe some bullet points of the more consequential things.. they won't be in order, I'll use little stars because they're cute ^^
☆I ordered and recieved Shige's book~
☆I also ordered and recieved a Tekumass parker from the Tegomass concert
☆I orered and am waiting for Yamapi's new single, both limited edition versions and apparently i get posters with them x3
☆I had a couple of exams (most of them will be in summer)
☆I changed my bedding to the new ones i hadn't used yet (so exciting XD)
☆I finally moved a load of not so new anymore books from piles on the floor onto shelves
☆I put up the little lantern lights I got for Christmas
☆I failed at playing my guitar
☆Friends had nerd themed birthays and gatherings etc ^^ always fun~

Thats about it really, other than social life stuff and day by day things ^^
Let's hope this year turns out better than the last one... x)

this months post ^^'

my attempt at 'weekly posts' has turned more into monthly ones xD;; ah well, i dont want to force myself to write, this way i kind of like making posts every now and then ^^ even though i never actually have anything to say heh

my 「星をめざして」 single arrived yesterday x3 it took ages to get here ahaha but i suppose thats a good thing since it was in such high demand during the week i ordered it x)
i was going to put in a picture to try and liven up the post, but the family camera is pretty bad quality, and its not good enough to put up >//<

i don't know if its because its my last year of school but teachers seem to be giving us a lot more homework than last year... theres so much to do everyday its a bit of a pain, but hopefully it will be worth it ^^ i seem to have settled in better too O.o i feel closer to the friends i made last year ehe x3
and everyone who went away to uni seems to be having a good time so far ^^ i miss them though xP

next week my mum is going away to Sweden, i wish she would take mee too haha i hope she has a good time, and i'm actually looking forward to seeing the pictures, i dont have much of an image of what Sweden looks like so it'll be nice.

so to sum up this month, i went out most weekends to friends' houses, or various birthday/ general gatherings, they've been fun, mostly quite quiet, which is suprising, i was dragged by my mum clothes shopping because i hate it and would never actually go or buy anything if it was left up to me, and i havnt been in a year or two... i admit i needed new clothes so i wasnt quite as irritated as i might have been otherwise.. i just really hate shopping >.> i'm grateful that mum puts up with it '~'
not all shopping though.. i like spending time in book shops and things, but unless its for buying things i have an interest in i have no patience.. its terrible, i should try and be nicer -.-;


it was the 15th of September today~ ^^ i wanted to post at least a little something for NEWS xP its their 8 year anniversary and i could not be more proud to be a NEWS fan ^//^
like many others i ordered the Hoshi wo Mezashite single xD it will take a while to recieve it since it was out of stock XD hopefully this will be noticed and our NEWS will have more regular activities.. or at least will see that their fans are still here waiting and supporting them x)
I've been a NEWS fan for over a year now (not very long >.<) but it feels like i've known them for a lifetime (cheesy :P)... watching them has brought so many smiles to my face and somehow they always manage to make me feel so much better about life.. ^//^
even though they dont realize it, they've had such a huge impact on me in such a short space of time, it was literally an instant obsession O_o i have no idea how it got so out of hand so quickly XD but I'm glad it did because i love them x3 i feel like its some sort of privilege to be able to listen to their songs or watch them act like idiots XD
I'm grateful to the NEWS members for not giving up, and for inspiring and cheering me up so many times x3 they mean a lot to me and I'll always support them >_<;
of course i have Yamapi as my bias XD but i like them all best when they're together~ <3

I'm not very good at this kind of thing and i feel lame so I'll end it here XD I just wanted to say something about how they've influenced me, and made everyday a little happier ^^ ありがとう NEWS ♥

Tadaima ^^

i was supposed to make this post like 2 weeks ago O.o but I'm back xD
i caught up with everything in my fandoms~ (a while ago..) there were a couple of suprises but i didn't miss much..
France was good ^^ a little boring since there was nothing to do and we had to take the car if we wanted to leave the house, but seeing my family was great x) i missed them so it was really nice being able to see them (although almost everyay got a bit much towards the end >_<")

a few days after we got back mum brought a kitten home o.o a little shocking but he's soooo cute x3 all grey and fluffy~ and its adorable that both cats get along this time.. seeing them play is the cutest thing! <3

Today was Ashita no Joe day~! ♥ my copy wont arrive for another 2 weeks or so >.> and i probably wont be able to watch it for a while but its out! ♥ 

i missed Ritochin's birthday while i was in France so we celebrated when i got back, at the weekend, it was great~ we didnt do much, drank a bit and watched concerts but fangirling with a friend can be soo much fun ^^ and she liked her presents ^^ I'm so glad we like different members of NEWS o.o we dont have to share xD

summer holidays are almost over already x( i don't want to go back to school yet.. why are the holidays always so short -.-

it's good to be back home though, its suprising how much you miss your own bed after a few weeks xP i read a lot more books than i would have if i had internet access so it was a more constructive use of my free time ^^'

about to go on holiday ^^

i've finished packing...ish
there are another couple of hours before we set off for France though, so i have time to remember things ^^ I'm suprised i actually got it (mostly) all done with time to spare.. usually I'm so disorganised with this kind of thing.. it doesnt help that i dislike it either xP
we'll be gone until the 6th August and i doubt there will be internet connection >.< I'm still taking my laptop though, i'll need it to charge my ipod, as well as a few other benefits, I've decided not to take my external hd though, otherwise i would spend most of my time exactly like i would at home and that defeats the purpose of going away >.<'
i have a pile of books taking up almost all the space in one of my bags haha i have to have two just to fit everything.. i never realized how much stuff i insist on taking 'just in case'... the bags arn't very big so i suppose its not so bad...


I've never had brown hair before..

i went back to the hairdressers and now its much darker ^^ I'm quite a lot happier ehehe x)
on thursday i went to see the Japanese person, shes sooo nice ^^ we spoke for about an hour and a half before her baby woke up and we realized it was 6pm x) i'll be going there again next thursday from 4:30-6:00 ^^
on saturday I'll be going to France for a couple of weeks so i wont see her again after that until i come back, but then we'll meet up every thursday so I'm grateful to her for that x) it will really help me practice xP she lent me an anime movie too (that i havnt actually seen...xD) it was interesting, better than i thought it would be, i might watch it again before thursday so i can say something about it hehe x3
It's finally the last week of school, my book should arrive some time this week, i ordered it over the internet so it should be here by tuesday..i hope i get it before we leave... i want to read it hahaa i always end up taking a pile of books on holiday, its a good chance to get reading done without a load of distractions ^^ although i don't kno if I'll have internet access and two weeks without internet will be weird... its actually sad how much i'll probably miss it after about 3 days >.<