Appalling consistency

I felt bad about neglecting my lj for so long that I decided to just write this, erm I think I broke the camera since it won't turn on, even though it had power left, but I only dropped it on carpet so it should be fine right O.o anyways I will post the pictures from when I went to Hungary like 6 months ago now >.> before it's been a year since I was there...

Oh and also, I have green hair now. Well not all green, part of it is blue. I think it's cool XD it will fade soon though so I'm gonna be dying it again in a week or two. Who knows how that will turn out.

Things happened

Any posts about Hungary *and picspams* will have to wait for now, I'm too busy lazy to sort through the many pictures and starting writing about it all, I've been a bit preoccupied so it can wait~
I had a job interview today, I've never had a proper one before so I was a bit nervous but I think it went okay... there are sooo many people applying for that one crappy job though so I doubt I'll get it tbh *sigh*
My whole week has been pretty boring, I have an assessment type thing tomorrow that I've been studying for, it's in Manchester so I'll have to travel quite a long way to get there -_-; I've been cramming kanji for it, since it's going to be a reading/ writing test, so many in one week >//< I need a break.. It makes me wish I had bothered learning some properly before but I never really bothered with it.. I can read a few and that was good enough ;_; I should be going to bed soon now. I'll use the travel time to keep looking over everything and hopefully I won't completely blank out when I'm there ^^" why can't they just let me write everything in hiragana~~

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Back home

I don't think I mentioned it on here, but I went to Hungary for a week ^^ I just got back this weekend~
I took loads of pictures so I'll be seperating all the places I went to into individual posts, otherwise it would be one veeeery loong picspam, and I would probably be too lazy to put in much detail about the actual places, so I'll start on those after I've sorted through the many pictures and will be writing periodically for a while ^^ (maybe not as often as one a day, but definitley a couple every week or so) I was staying in Budapest, most things were pretty close by so there was a lot of walking, but I did take the train a few times too and went on a bus tour as well x) It was fun~

Today I wrote a CV for the first time, I don't have anything to compare it to so I hope I didn't do it wrong '~' aparently there are quite a few of us applying for this one pretty crap job.. I need one though so I hope I get it -_-;;
To cheer myself up I bought some more than I intended books ^^" I went in thinking of buying one and came out with completely different ones (...and then went back again to buy the one I had convinced myself I didn't need >_>; ) so I'm going to have to go back to get the originally intended book another time ehe x3 (more excuses to loiter around the book shop~) *nerd* 83

It's been 2 years and 20 days since I started this journal O.o I didn't think it had been so long... I learned something interesting about woodpeckers today ^^ But I might never tell you what it was~ >x3

no time and raw fish

I have no idea where my time seems to go, but there isn't enough of it recently O.o and tbh I think it will probably continue this way for a little bit longer, so I'm going to try and do more with my free time instead of just lazing around.. There are a couple of things that have built up and I would like to catch up with them since just leaving it makes me feel guilty >//< And they are all things I do actually enjoy doing xD
Oh I made sushi by myself last week. Not a difficult thing to do but still! It was kind of fun, the result were bigger than they should have been but they tasted good and that's all that matters to me x)
I can't wait to move. -_-

This really is a pointless journal so, sorry about that. I've been thinking of what to do with it but nothing really comes to mind that I would keep up with...

Hisashiburi ki ga shimasu O.o

Even though it's only been a couple of weeks xD
I've been having sleeping problems and been feeling awful on and off for those few weeks though, so maybe that's why they feel so long. Anyway~ I could hear thunder today ^^ I like the sound of thunder, that's basically all I have to say. Sorry xD

This is getting ridiculous >_>

I better be able to sleep tonight... I either just don't or I manage to sleep for no more than 4 hours. I'm not tired or sleepy or worn out yet, but it's been a week (since it was this bad anyway, it been coming on for about a month now -.-) and if this carries on then I'm sure I'll be starting to feel the sleep deprivation kick in just a little >.>; plus, I miss sleeping xD why can't I sleep O.o?? I get bored being awake for so long.

OK Seriously... I should probably go to sleep O.o

I'm laughing at EVERYTHING~~ I've been awake way too long XD I'm still not even sleepy! Recumbent. This word has lost all meaning... I said it too many times in a row and laughed myself silly for like 10 minutes XD you know whats a good word for that? Spatula.

The sun's coming up. I don't even know what day it is anymore, this is second time I've watched the sun come up. My calender says Sunday? Who knows~
I like Green tea.
And trains ARE cool darn it!
Koey should go to bed now~ ^^ おやすみなさい~~
HAH! Recumbent XD stilll funny.

Human troubles

so yesterday, for the first time in a while, me and a friend went to buy some alcohol (not something I usually do much) and as usual I got asked for ID, which is very understandable since I'm pretty short and don't exactly look my age, but then the woman stared at it for a good 4 minutes and obviously didn't believe I was old enough to be buying alcohol, after a while she went and called another person over to check it and this guy actually checked to see if it was a fake ID or not >.>; I was held up for about 10 minutes thinking they wouldn't let me buy anything despite being over the legal age... -.-; in the end they let me go, but it was so reluctantly, the woman totally still thought I was about 13 >//< anyway, it was bound to happen at some point I guess, the rest of the day was good ^^ we stayed up all night and had fun so it was all fine in the end ^^

edit ---> Me and the friend from yesterday were just talking and realized that out of the last 42 hours, we only slept about 4 O.o and I'm still not even tired, usually my body would ache by now but I'm completely fine... I even want to stay up all night again because going to bed feels like such a waste o_o;; aah being young XD


It is now officially the 11th both here and in Japan, so:
誕生日おめでとうシゲ! I will now be going to bed since I have plans for tomorrow, and my cold still isn't completely gone. But~ I went shopping on monday so my kitchen supplies are no longer severly depleted, which means I will be making the brownies I wanted to make last week before I leave the house ^^ So I'll take a picture and edit this later, assuming they don't look awful... おやすみ~

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I'll be making something later in the day, so I might post a picture, but I caught a cold pretty badly this last week so it probably won't turn out looking all that great >//< I wanted to make brownies, but I need to get some stuff for that and I'm not leaving the house so... maybe next week ^^;